Aluminite® Gallery

Open up your current shower and update your bathroom too!

Never clean dirty grout again! 

Aluminite Solid Surface is low maintenance & guaranteed not to leak! 

Aluminite Solid Surface Shower and Tub Splash Replacement 


Shower Replacement

Replace your leaking, cracked shower with an Aluminite Solid Surface Shower!  

Mold/Mildew Resistant

No Grout, No Gel Coat

Easy to Clean 

Guaranteed Not to Leak!


After Picture 


Shower Install

Our Aluminite Solid Surface Shower Bases are installed directly up against the studs and sit on top of your home's foundation. Our bases have a tile flange to eliminate any water damage which allows us to provide a NO LEAK guarantee! Once the green board is in place, our sleek solid surface wall panels are installed inside the shower base for a custom fit.  

Mold & Mildew Resistant, Low Maintenance!

Tub/Shower Conversion

Are you tired of your dirty, chipped tub or cracked, leaking shower tiles or maybe you just want to update your bathroom. Alumina Surfaces has standard size shower bases in stock

Tub/Shower Conversion

Easily convert your tub to a sleek, non-porous surface with Aluminite Solid Surface. Easy to clean, durable, mold and mildew resistant, guaranteed not to leak! 

Aluminite Solid Surface 

Walk-In Shower

Do you have a tub that you never use? Would you like a bigger shower?  Convert your tub and shower into a walk in shower complete with a drying floor!


Aluminite Solid Surface Shower Walls

Come select your shower wall slab from our in-stock inventory.  We will customize your shower floor to match! 

Aluminite Tub Surround Walls

Replace your leaking, dirty or cracked tiles with Aluminite Solid Surface!

Low Maintenance, Mold & Mildew Resistant!



Aluminite Solid Surface Slabs 

Our solid surface slabs in stock are 144" x 84" x 3/8" and are available for your viewing. Contact us today to set up your appointment to select your new shower color!


Easy To Clean, Mold & Mildew Resistant! No Grout, No Water Damage! Guaranteed Not To Leak!

Aluminite® Solid Surface - "The Superior Shower"

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