About - Aluminite® Solid Surface

Our team of solid surface experts has formulated Aluminite® an extraordinarily durable, low maintenance, genuine solid surface that is impervious to water penetration and ideal for the shower environment. Our products do not contain any clear or gel coat surface laminations that are susceptible to thermo-cycling (cracking or delaminating due to hot and cold water cycles), like cultured marble and other similar products on the market. These clear coats are only a few thousandths of an inch thick and can fail or discolor over time.  Aluminite® is densified inside a vacuum chamber to remove air and gives our products a smooth, lustrous, non-porous surface. Alumina  Surfaces offers a lifetime guarantee that our shower walls and floors will never leak! 

Our shower walls have the look of natural stone but unlike natural stone, Aluminite® is grout-less, non-porous and waterproof. The Aluminite® solid surface is extremely durable and simple to clean.

Our shower floors are manufactured with a slip resistant textured surface.  Aluminite® is extremely durable and will not crack, craze or delaminate from water etching or thermocycling

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Aluminite® Solid Surface - "The Superior Shower"

Easy To Clean, Mold & Mildew Resistant! No Grout, No Water Damage! Guaranteed Not To Leak!

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